Games of Deletion is an urban-scale mixed-reality game requiring multiple players to collaborate in front of murals based on the additive and subtractive manipulation of visual information in an urban environment. 

Games of Deletion is technically an interface designed as an Augmented Reality app using architectural moves to construct, duplicate, scale, and rotate virtual volumes and information from the context to bring multiple users together in real-time in specific urban spaces. We like to think of this as taking Gordon Matta Clark into virtual worlds.  

Urban arts, especially murals, demonstrates strong connections between visual elements and space with scale. Murals should not only be the technical anchors for AR-cameras but also be the cultural pivot within the community to provide a space of imagination. This augmented reality game engages multiple players gathered together in front of a series of fragmented urban mural spaces in Los Angeles that comes together through a virtual superimposed network.

Murals create an ideal union between graphic composition and scale cutting across digital and physical space. With its distinct treatment of public art and the vast collection of murals, the city of Los Angeles lends itself to individual and collective interpretation and reinvention, through the use of our purpose-built app and interface.

We used murals as a medium — and the compatible public space in front of them — as an urban stage of the augmented reality game scenarios. We have already collected around 80 murals in the city of Los Angeles with characteristic site features such as parking lot, rooftop, highway, park etc. We selected a number of cases from this database to compose the scenes showcased in the supported media files.

The game takes advantage of the accidental nature of an individual’s experience intersecting specific urban spaces. When individuals begin to accumulate in the proximity of the site, it transforms from a seemingly banal space into a place of gathering, and strangers become a collective engaged in a collaborative game. Foreign travelers and/or local dwellers will cooperate in the disruption of the scene, re-activating the open urban spaces through Games of Deletion.

Each site has its own rules related to the urban conditions in front of the mural. As the lifespan of a mural in Los Angeles is unknown and ever evolving, so too are the rules. With each new mural, the relationship between the mural and it context changes, which requires a new set of rules. A Player’s experience will change depending on what information the mural embeds, what typology the site is, and what time you play during the day the year etc.

Realtime AR Interaction Demo: Dragging 3D Content from 2D Image and Revealing Urban Background

First Person Handheld AR Preview in Physical Space Vs. 3D Embedded Information in Digital Space 

Urban and Architectural Diagram of Real-time Game Interaction in Space

Building Facade Shapes Vs. Mural Contents Vs. Customized 3D Embedded Deletion

Using Format